Sermons on “Luke”

The President & the Pariah (Part II)

When all else fails, even those who may question or deny who Jesus is, seem to come to Him for help.

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The President & the Pariah (Part I)

Jesus especially loved the outcast and the marginalized, because He knew most others did not. Do not let anyone tell you that you are beyond Christ’s mercy, love, forgiveness, and blessing.

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Hell’s Best Kept Secret II

Second part of Ray Comfort’s sermon “Hell’s Best Kept Secret.” Unfortunately, what has happened in the U.S. and throughout much of the Western world, is that we have preached the cure without first convincing people they have the disease.

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The Cat’s in the Cradle

Jesus knew that when seeds were planted in fertile soil, they produce a crop thirty, sixty, even a hundred times as much as was planted! That is why He always had time for children. Dads should as well.

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Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition

Sometimes we need to take up the sword to defend what is right and just. We should always honor those who willingly did so we did not have to.

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Christ is Coming!

Today is a day of celebration. We welcome the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as He rides into Jerusalem. “Christ is coming!” we shout. Why, then, did Jesus weep?

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