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The Way of Israel’s Welfare; or An Exhortation to be with God, that He may be with us.

This was the title of the sermon preached by Rev. John Whiting (South Church’s first minister) at Hartford, Connecticut in New England, May 13, 1686. In celebration of our 348th birthday, we will look at it again. Rev. Whiting’s main point is found in verse 2, “The Lord will stay with you as long as you stay with him!”

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The Bad Samaritan III: Sow What?

Experiencing someone welcome Jesus into their heart and be completely transformed is beyond description. It is addictive.

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The Bad Samaritan II: Now You Know!

Once we have been taught how to play baseball, we cannot then arbitrarily decide to change it to four strikes and we are out, or that every home run is worth four runs, and still call it “baseball.” Likewise, we cannot change what the Bible teaches and still call it Christianity.

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The Bad Samaritan I: If You Only Knew

You cannot play baseball properly unless someone teaches you how. Similarly, you cannot “make up” Christian faith as you go along either.

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