Youth & Young Adult Ministry



The young adult Sunday school ministry is known as C3 which stands for: Culture, Cultivate, and Christian Worldview. Culture: to help youth know the Culture they live in and how Christianity relates. Cultivate: to watch youth grow in their Christian Education. Christian Worldview: to have them own their Christianity and Worldview. We talk. We listen. We pray. We study God’s Word and we grow in our faith together. Come join us. Email:

The Hartford Project

The Hartford Project (THP) is an urban ministry immersion experience for teenagers in New England. Church youth groups are invited to come and live at South Church for a week at a time in the summer. During the week they serve the community, learn about poverty, experience racial reconciliation, and build relationships with the wider body of Christ. For more info visit:

Lost & Found

Our Youth Group is known as Lost & Found where we are growing in Christ by focusing on three key points.

Heart for Mission: To know God, you must first humble yourself to His will. We need to reflect on our lives and where does God fit in it. In other words, we need to surrender to His will.

Life on Mission: To understand what it means to live a life in God’s Mission. Living a life that is based on Scripture, willingness to follow Jesus, and have a faith with no boundaries.

Community in Mission: As a youth community be an impact for our local community and peers. Building relationships and share the truth to those we meet while also inviting them to be a part of our community.

Verses: Romans 12:1-2


Our Young Adult Ministry is called (Un)Captive. The battle from leaving the life of a teenager to becoming a young adult is a rough step. Our culture believes that you should magically become an adult as soon as you hit adulthood without truly preparing you for the transformation. (Un)Captive will be a place you can count on as a community for you to find those traveling the same road to adulthood, and it will be where you can gain a stronger foundation in your identity of Christ by guiding you as the Enemy tries to entice you to chase after the world.

Verses: Colossians 2:8-10

Youth Explosion

Youth Explosion is a multi-church experience designed to help youth connect and grow together through collaborative worship events and youth retreats. Youth Explosion inspires teens to live boldly in their faith by providing opportunities for them to join together, build supportive relationships with peers and adults, and use their gifts and talents to serve and encourage one another.

Summer Camp

Every summer we send youth (ages 7 to 12) and leaders for a week of fun and spiritual growth. Summer camp experiences change lives forever. You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity!


Candido “Dido” Montijo, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry